[airbnb] BelltaStudio join exhibition Creators Match up at Tokyo Design Week 2015 : Autumn in Japan Past 7

BelltaStudio join exhibition at Tokyo Design Week 2015 at Creators Match up zone

airbnb] Tokyo-Prepare for TDW 2015 : Autumn in Japan Past 6


We go to Meiji-Jingu Gaien Mae and setup in booth

This year (2015) We join Creators Match up zone

2012 : designboom zone
2014 : designboom zone

This is our booth


left : Bellta (me)
center : Kazu (my partner)
right : our customer and weekend bag, he order it by custom order on makuake


He come to our booth and give Udon for us
It is very very Oishi!! Thank you very much!

And this is our customer, Very very Thank you so much!! ^^








He is my customer, he bought many item every year
This year he bought it again and give me pizza Thank you!!! ^^

They are Thai people, they come to me and say hi, Thank you!! ^^

Nowash making the bag and Kazu try it, he say difficult 555



Many people interested product so much, Thank you so much!!

we use square for accept payment by credit card

And we send BelltaStudio catalog, promotion and news by pdf to your email, 
If you want our catalog, Please add your email


Kazu (Japanese) : my director
Bellta (Thai) : designer
Nowash (Thai)  : my assistant (production)


We win 2nd grand prix! Creators Match up

And now we launch new product on makuake again
It is MacPack, MacBag, iPad mini case
Check it out! because it is very special only makuake
Makuake is crowdfunding of Japan

[airbnb] We found our product at Monocle shop Tokyo Past 8

Writer : Bellta ^^


Instragram: @belltatravel

This is My house + My studio + My airbnb

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